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Sitting on your behind for too long and even frequent short stints can render the glutes inactive, causing pain as other muscles compensate for the loss. Tight hips and back, stiff neck and shoulders are a direct effect of prolonged sitting.

Changes in air pressure while flying can trigger inflammation, muscle tightness and nerve pressure.
Water accumulates in the tissues of our body, particularly in your lower limbs and can lead to a feeling of heaviness.

Massage balls are an effective and easy way to reduce sore muscles, tension, and tightness as well as increase blood flow to help relieve pain and stiffness.


    • TARGET MUSCLES: Abductor hallucis, Abductor digiti minimi, Flexor Digitorum
    • Why: Rolling the feet leads to better nerve firing and muscle activation which will improve body awareness and stability. It also improves circulation and blood flow while keeping the feet mobile and relaxed.

    • How: While seated; slowly roll the arch of foot for 1-2 min. Next, pause on a tight/sensitive area and press firmly into the ball while breathing deeply five times.


    • Target Muscle: Quadriceps  
    • Why: Quads help extend the knee and aid in hip flexion. When the quads are tight, it restricts extension of the hip and reduces full contraction of the glute leading to possibly dormant butt syndrome where the glutes don’t fire properly when walking or running. 

    • How: While seated; roll the single massage ball vertically up and down the top of the thigh 15-20x. Once a tight area is found. Press the ball into the leg while bending and straightening the knee.   


      • Target Muscles: Hamstrings

      • Why: Tight hamstrings can cause the pelvis to tuck under (posterior pelvic tilt) which may lead to hamstring strains and injuries.

      • How: While seated; place the massage ball under the belly of one hamstring. Slowly straighten and bend the knee 5 times with a pointed toe and 5 times with flexed toe for greater intensity. Next circle the lower leg around 5 times then swing right and left with ball place under the leg near the hip, center hamstring, and just above the knee. 


        • Target Muscles: Pectoral Major & Minor

        • Why: Slouching can cause the pecs to shorten which over time can lead to a change in how the shoulder girdle moves. Restricted chest mobility with weakened back muscles may lead to shoulder impingements.

        • How: While seated; roll the chest in slow circular motions for 30 seconds. Pause on a tight area and press firmly for 15 seconds while breathing deeply into the release. Next, roll the ball from the center of the chest on an upwards angle toward the shoulder joint, this will release the pec minor- the smaller of the two chest muscles. Find again another tight area on the pec minor, press the ball down while moving a straight arm sideways and forward.


          • Target Muscles: Upper Trapezius, Splenius capitis, Levator scapulae

          • Why: Stress and forward head posture can cause tension around the neck and upper traps. Over time these muscles tighten and reduce mobility around the cervical spine. By performing neck release and neck doing strengthening exercises, the muscles can return to optimal alignment

          • How: While seated; look forward with the chin in neutral position, place the double massage ball behind the upper neck, then press the head slowly back into the ball and away 15 times. Next, keep the massage ball at the back of the head along the hairline, while gently pressing into the ball look right and left, then up and down 5 times each. Finally, take one end of the infinity ball and press the other end into the upper traps for 30-seconds while moving the head slowly right and left, up and down, and circularly. Repeat on the other shoulder. 


              • Target Muscles: Rhomboides, Mid Traps

              • Why: Mid back tightness can lead to lower back discomfort. Moving the thoracic spine with bending and rotational movements plus trigger point release will create better mobility and ease overall tension. 

              • How: While seated; place the double massage ball between the shoulder blades, take a deep breath 5 times expanding the ribs sideways and backwards into the ball. Next, raise the arms straight forward, bring the palms to the face making an L, open the arms side and back forward 5 times while holding the L shape. Finally, keep the ball between the shoulder blades, place the hands on the back of the head and slowly lower the head then upper body towards the thighs and back up 5 times. Cross the arms on the chest and rotate the upper back right and left 5 times.  Move the ball down the spine and repeat. 
              • Place the single massage ball on the right wing bone/ shoulder blade. Gently press the back into the ball, then move the right arm up and down 5 times, and across the body 5x. Repeat on the left side.


              • Target Muscles: Flexors and Extensors

              • Why: When the foreams are tight it can lead to conditions like tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. People who type frequently, lift heavy, or engage in repetitive motions are more likely to see these conditions. 

              • How: While seated; place the forearm on a flat surface such as a table. Place the ball underneath the forearm and slowly roll the arm on either the single or double massage ball (double is preferred) up and down 10-15 times. Once a tight spot is found, press into the area while moving the hand up and down, side to side, and circularly. Next, take the single ball and roll it on the top of the forearm (dorsal) side 10 times.


                • Target Muscles: Palmaris Brevis & Abductor Digiti Minimi, Abductor Pollicis Brevis

                • Why: The hands tire like any other muscle from daily use. 

                • How: While seated; place the single massage ball between the hands. Move the ball in circular motions clock and counterclockwise pressing in the meaty parts near the thumb and pinky fingers of the palm. Next, close the hand and squeeze the ball as tight as possible for 5 seconds then let all the tension go by spreading the fingers wide for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times. 


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